Bunnings Catalogue Electrical Products January 2015

People have questions about the Bunnings catalogue electrical products. I would like to talk about that too. Bunnings Bunnings Catalogue Electrical Products January 2015had no more catalogue in last week of the January other than the one you are able to view on the catalogue display page of the site and it contains ladders, power tools, gardening, timber products, hand tools, paints. Let’s focus on Bunnings catalogue electrical products which may contain and mean a lot of things like power tools, trimmers, or whatever comes to your mind when you head the word of electricity. But it is not the case right now because Bunnings’ electrical range addresses the customers looking for the lights, globes, powerful security lights and similar sort of products that you would use for power source or lighting. On the latest Bunnings catalogue they got a new range of the globes and lights.
From the latest catalogue of retailer :
* Philips LED globes, $49.99
* Arlec portable halogen worklight, $9.90
* Click 39 cm Stone LED solar bollard, $10
* Arlec 1000 W halogen worklight, $29.88
* Philips candle globe, $19.90
* Coastal twin flood light, $52


When you need extra support like extension, availability or something:
* 25 m heavy duty extension lead, $15.98
* 10 W bug zapper, $24.90
* Arlec 120 cm ceiling fan, $39.90
* Ozito 18 V Li-Ion grass trimmer, $97

Bunnings Christmas Catalogue 2014 With Huge Content

One of the largest product range of the Bunnings Catalogues has been released and you can browse it here. Mostly power tools and patio furniture are featured by the Bunnings Christmas Catalogue 2014 With Huge Contentcatalogue. You can check out the list of aisles with their pages where you can find all the products of them on pg; 2. As mentioned you will be more involved with deals of outdoor products because it is very important for Bunnings to make true offers for the customers looking for the Christmas decoration, outdoor furniture and BBQ offers.


Visit pg; 38 to see what Bunnings got special as a Christmas decoration product for this week. This month you can save with festive lighting products. If you visit official page you can reach also the special product range present there.
* 28 cm LED Solar path lights, $25
* 26 cm stainless steel solar lights, $40
* Arlec Solar LED String light set, $24.90


Do you want to make some changes with the tunes of your rooms ? You would be on correct address if were were on pg; 41 of the last Bunnings Catalogue.
* Bunnings Paints 4 seasons, $59.90
* Dulux Wash and Wear, $72.90
* Cabots Merbau Aquadeck, $79.90

At the end of the catalogue you can view gift guide, more Christmas lighting products and outdoor living products. Remember that previous catalogue was mainly about outdoor living products. You can see them with new featured prices here.

Bunnings Catalogue Fathers Day Special Offers September 2014

As much as regular Bunnings Catalogue makes a lot of deals for customers looking for both high quality and affordable rates they are also making Bunnings Catalogue Fathers Day Special Offers September 2014special offers for days like fathers day. An example is Bunnings catalogue fathers day special offers published in this week. It is another very useful catalogue of the warehouse containing categories of products like power tools, hardwares and many more DIY or similar sort of products which men love to use at home or professionally. What we discuss can be extended to many headers of topics. So we will separate and divide them into several parts.


Although this seems like a solid fathers day catalogue it contains a lot of categories that cannot be mentioned as limited to gifts for dads in this special day. However we can say that every particular category has special price and offers for fathers. Also lowered prices will be the best thing you will love about this new catalogue. Let’s see what they got on this new catalogue:
* Power Tools
This category as most of the visitors probably know about contains the best quality of power tools like high pressure cleaners, drills drivers, combo kits of power tools and necessary accessories used with them.
* Hand Tools
Similar to power tools range this contains all the offers of hand tools like pliers, socket sets and more.
* Watering
Most of the products related to gardening and watering. Examples are hoses and water pots.
One of the my favorite range. If I find a beautiful one I cannot miss out it.
* Outdoor Furniture
For your comfort and pleasure outside of your place. Good furniture like tables and chairs. Also hammock can be considered to belong this range.
* Landscape
Generally it interest people who are interested in designing and renewing their gardens. Products like playhouses, garden beds are available under this header.
* Greenlife
Guaranteed plants that you can return if not satisfied. Beauties that can change your garden.
* Garden Decor
Products related to view of your garden area. To embellish it with sculptures or pots for plants may be options from this range.
* Lighting
Bunnings Fathers Day Catalogue CategoriesOne of the sub title from the huge electrical range of Bunnings. I think you can find many essentials for the problems with your lighting. Example offers from this catalogue are;
– Philips tornado spiral globe, $5.70
– 25 W halogen globe, $7.80
– HPM 12 W LED downlight kit, $59.90
* Cleaning
A single page for essentials of cleaning. Some offers are rubbish bin, chemical cleaner, and garbage bags.
* Window Furnishing
Furnishing your windows can matter more than one can imagine sometimes. It really changes the whole view of the room. Especially in living rooms you can use these products to obtain a beautiful view. Also they are really useful in winter and nights to cover your inside area when you need to open your windows.
– Indoor roman style matchstick blind, $11.90
– Venetian blind cleaner, $4.65
* Flooring
IF you need to renew or create a very nice looking floors in any part of your house you can use this range to browse some offers.
* Storage
One of the most searched product range of Bunnings. Wall cabinets that are with 2 adjustable shelves and shelf units are available on pg; 42.
* Paint and Paint Accessories
Tools essentials for painting your walls or paint varieties from popular brands. British Paints and Taubmans are one of the highlighted products.
* Timber
For docking, decking, fencing and more related business needs can meet with this range. Very well designed page of the Bunnings is serving helpfully.
As I mentioned previously even though this catalogue looks like a single one special for gift products for fathers days in fact it can be considered to be one of the regular catalogues to introduce new prices for huge range of Bunnings. Also notice that Bunnings is may be holding the highest availability and largest range in this retailing area. Both for professionally and amateur works you can find a lot of products at warehouses.